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Hey there. Is this your first time with hot Las Vegas call girls? Don't worry, I'll be gentle with you. I'll be kind to you. I'll be sweet and innocent with you. At least until we get back to your hotel room. Then you'll see my true naughty side. You'll see me unease the inner animal that makes me one of the best escorts in Las Vegas. Don't worry though, I won't hurt you. Too much. So give me a call. I'll be the dream you've always had but just haven't been able to experience yet.

With me by your side while spending the rest of your vacation here in Las Vegas, you never have to worry how you can spend the day and night. I can assist you loosen up and even suggest some beautiful place where a few only knew where you can best unwind. I want you to know I consider myself to be one of the most supreme escorts in Vegas. You see, I am a very versatile woman. I have the knowledge and experience that when combined can give you the most pleasure. But I can also simply serve as your companion while you are still unwinding.  All these you can experience by simply making that one phone call!

To look for a Las Vegas escort, it’s easy to settle. There are so many escort in Las Vegas, many men give up their search and decide to settle for what they think is the best they can get. I am proof that there are always better escorts out there. Hi, my name is Wendy. I am a one of the only girls direct to your room who assures that the best of Las Vegas is available to you. You are going to be very glad that you found me. I am not conceded, but I do have a certain level of beauty. Part of it is natural, but I also work to maintain my beauty. I use very little make-up to keep me looking fresh and pretty. I work on my body constantly to make it highly desirable for you. I want to be liked and loved as a woman. I also like to be your idea of the most accommodating and sexy escort in Las Vegas. Indulge in the unbelievable escort experience I can provide for you by calling 702-505-8385. You will be so glad that you threw caution to the wind and called me up. The result will be one of the most amazing and tantalizing nights you will ever have in Las Vegas.

Looking at me now, you would never guess what I did when I first came to Las Vegas. I wanted to make enough money to live comfortably so I did what I was good at. I worked at a retail store like I did when I was in college. It was great at first because I had money to go out in Las Vegas. I was good at my job so they made me manager. I got paid more, but I had more responsibilities too. It started taking up more of my time. It also started taking up more of my thoughts. It started feeling like a career and that’s the last thing I wanted. I got out of that situation and never looked back. Becoming a Las Vegas escort is the best decision I have ever made. First of all, it is so much more fun that sitting in a store and dealing with customers. I could go out and party and advance my job skills at the same time. Now that I have become one of the best, I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. I am better at being a Las Vegas escort than I ever was at being a manager. I am perfectly content managing your happiness. That is one duty that I never falter on.

Part of managing your happiness is making sure we party at the right places. I like to go wild at all the rock clubs and dive bars in Las Vegas. The Double-Down Saloon is a perfect example of the kind of Vegas I like. Live music, interesting drinks and an alternative atmosphere is what I look for in my personal party search. That doesn’t mean that the same will ring true for you. You might not like rock clubs at all. That’s why you need an escort like me who has varied interests. I used to think that some of the fancy night clubs in Vegas like the Marquee were too decadent. Being a Las Vegas escort has opened my eyes to all the many facets of Las Vegas. There is literally something for everyone in Las Vegas. I have tried to mix it up at a large variety of places in Las Vegas. I have my preferences, but all of them have their own thing going on. If there are places that appeal to you in Las Vegas, I will find them. You will never have to worry about finding the ideal place to party in Las Vegas with me. All the places you will love are stored right here inside my head.

Partying in Las Vegas is great, but nothing is more fun than being intimate. We can party all night at the hottest spots in Las Vegas. Those places will pale in comparison to having my body to yourself. I can’t wait to show you all the things I can do in your room. That is where I shine the most as a Las Vegas escort. It’s also my favorite part of the job. I can do things like strip for you and show you the skills I developed in the Vegas clubs and visiting the San Diego escorts in Southern California. There is one thing I like to do that I hope you will appreciate. I like to dress in my Goth clothes and give you a hot and steamy striptease. I will be your own Goth girl to do with what you please. The contrast of black clothes looks great with my skin. Each layer of clothing that comes off; your pleasure grows. We can have so much fun together if you call me now. Here is my number: 702-505-8385. I gave you just one possible suggestion. The specific in-room skills I perform are chosen by you. I found your perfect spots in Las Vegas to party. In your room, I will find the perfect spots to touch you. The entire night will be filled with this type of dedication.

When I used to be a store manager; I would fantasize about the stuff I now do as a Las Vegas escort. I would imagine doing a striptease for one of the employees when we were staying late. I never acted on it and my imagination drove me crazy. As a Las Vegas escort; I get to act on all my erotic fantasies. I also get to live your fantasies through you. We could have such a great time together in Las Vegas. If you call me 702-505-8385 I will rush over to be by your side. I want both of us to explore our fantasies together in Las Vegas. Did you ever imagine you could have a girl like me with one phone call? Well you can have me tonight. Call me so we can talk about what we’re going to do.

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